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Today, I ventured out to Norfolk to do a little exploring and catching up with a friend of mine. Thank you, Christmas, for sending all of my out-of-town friends back home.

Norfolk is slowly but surely becoming the neatest little city around. I love watching it progress and seeing all these vibrant, new local businesses thrive. Also, Norfolk has a light rail.  And it’s been there for years! Who knew? Between all of the local breweries and the shops that are truly one of a kind, you can’t go wrong spending a day out there.

We hit up a neighborhood favorite, Field Guide, for some pre-shop grubbing. Seriously.. talk about some quality eats! Every item on the menu sounded heavenly. Public service announcement: GET. THE. SWEET. CHIPS.

After we gained enough control to pry ourselves away from the dessert menu, we headed over to the cutest little vintage shop, With Lavender and Lace. This store is the freaking best. I could spend every dollar I make in there. They’ve even been mentioned by A Beautiful Mess before. You all stalk that blog, too, right? Also, can I mention that the ivy on the front of this building is to die for during the spring and summer seasons? That’s a huge plus for me.

Finally, we checked out a new addition to Ghent, called Samla. From cutting boards, succulents and artwork to camping gear, this shop has a little bit of everything. I think I’ve found my new go-to store for all the Christmases to come!

I think what I’m trying to say by all of this is GET OUT and SUPPORT our local places. We’ve got some pretty cool ones.





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