On traveling

Jamaica 2016

We decided to have our honeymoon a few months out from our wedding date because, well, it just made sense for us. Quite frankly, after two months of us being legally bound to one another, we deserved a vacation. Kidding, of course! We are still the same deranged, unstable ball of goofiness that we’ve always been. Nothing has changed, don’t worry. Have no fear for the “big day”. The tossing of party and bullshit doesn’t automatically switch over to anniversaries and mortgage payments. At least, not yet. We’re still trying to grasp stability… building our own home atop the foundation we’ve set. I’ve begun to find that planning a future is much more fun with a partner in crime.

I’m drifting off.

Time always seems to move a little faster when you’re on vacation. I still can’t believe it’s all behind us now. Just pictures and memories to stow away in our scrapbook of life.


Our JA honeymoon was nothing short of fantastic. We’ve both agreed that Jamaica is probably THE nicest, most welcoming country we’ve been to thus far. Every single person we met (in and off of our resort) went out of their way for us, trying to make sure that we had a good time while we were visiting the island. I lost count of how many people offered us free tours to some of the spots that the tourists don’t normally get to see. It was a huge change of scenery- EVERYONE WAS NICE. Can you even imagine? Probably not. I almost didn’t believe it, myself. If you get a chance to ever visit, you surely won’t regret it. We hope to return some day. For now, we’ll continue to turn over the couch cushions and stack those pennies.


I didn’t actually take this picture above. I found this on Google because I never even thought of getting a picture of the resort we stayed at. I was too distracted by the beach. Yes, we went all the way to Jamaica and we stayed at the Holiday Inn of all places. It was an all-inclusive resort, and one of the cheapest ones that we could find. If you are anything like me and have never done an all-inclusive vacation, here’s how it works: every single thing your heart desires, whether it’s food, alcohol, activities (snorkeling, sailboating, etc.), is FREE. Needless to say, we were drunk and full for mostly all of our vacation. As weird as it was to feel like celebrities for a week, I can’t say we didn’t enjoy it.

Our resort was located right in between the ocean and the mountains. We lucked out and got a room with a view of both! They had their own private island on the property that you could swim out to. We mostly stayed off of it because that’s where majority of the crowd migrated…and also because there was no bar out there. Every single afternoon, we walked out to the gazebo on the dock to feed the fish parts of bagels or bread that we would sneak away from the buffet.


Here’s my attempt of capturing some of the fish we saw from the gazebo. On the left, there’s a puffer. On the right, a barracuda. Yeah, they had those, by the way. As well as lion fish and sea urchins, everywhere. I hunted for a star fish or a sea turtle the entire time we were there, with no luck. We did get the chance to watch an octopus chase a stingray around, though. We even saw an eel. That was pretty life changing. I almost wanted to stay out of the water. Almost. Unfortunately, but not so, we didn’t end up carrying our cameras or cell phones around with us much, so majority of these pictures are from the first day of us walking around in awe.

Speaking of awe, just look at the foliage! I saw more types of palms than I even knew existed. As far as wildlife goes, most of the really neat stuff was in the water. We took a day trip out into the rainforest and the entire time I didn’t see one animal… aside from some outrageously gigantic fire ants and spiders. No monkeys, iguanas, parrots. Nothing I assumed I would see there. I only thought I would see those things because they were so prominent in Puerto Rico. That’s what I get for assuming.  The only similarity I found between the two islands were the tree frogs. They sung us to sleep every night. I always told people that was my favorite memory of PR, and now JA, too. I would love to hear them here at home.

Actually, giving the frog choir a run for their money, is the FOOD. Goodness gracious, Jamaican food. I thought I liked jerk chicken here in the states, but out there…it’s a whole new level of delicious. And the stews. And plantains. Especially plantains. I could eat them for every single meal for as long as I live. They never get old.

Hopefully the stories from our time out there never get old either. I just wanted to bottle up our entire week and keep it with me forever. Maybe babbling about random bits will be my way of making that possible.






**PS- You can watch little tidbits from our trip HERE, courtesy of the husband!**




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