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Happy birthday, Pongo!

Today, my only child hit the big five year milestone. I’m kind of a mess. I am, by all definitions, one of those crazy dog moms. No shame. I won’t invalidate my emotions solely on the fact that he’s a dog. Pongo is our baby, our best friend, the glue that keeps this family whole. I want him to be by our side for the rest of our lives and the idea that he won’t makes me cringe when these days come, but he deserves to be celebrated, and it’s perfectly okay for me to become a mess over this.

With that being said, it should come as no surprise that we went a little overboard on the birthday celebrations. After all, Pongo really only needs a belly rub to make his day extra perfect.

Don’t you wish we were that easygoing and content with life? I sure do.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t cried once or twice already. Okay, more than that. Happy tears, guys, happy tears! MY BABY IS FIVE YEARS OLD!! Where does the time go? I still remember when we brought the wiggle butt home. He was ten weeks old and cute as a button. He cried all day and night and chewed up everything within reach. He even chewed a hole in our wall! Yeah, you read that right….the wall! How in the heck? I still don’t understand how he managed to do that, but he’s always been a determined little stinker. At the time, the earliest stages were kind of a nightmare, but they sure do make us laugh nowadays. What a crazy nut of a puppy he was. Not too much has changed. He’s still a five year old lap dog that smiles when you walk through the door. (Literally, teeth and all. Dalmatians are kind of known for it.) He sheds like it’s his duty and doesn’t realize when people don’t want to be licked any more. Sorry, friends that come over to visit…actually, not that sorry. We probably like him more, anyway. We can’t get enough of him or his lovin’.

So I’ll just go ahead and include some photos that I can look back on next year and cry over, because if I don’t stop this mommy-talk, I probably never will.



We made these pupcakes!



^ There’s that smile. Well, kind of.DSC_0320.JPG


BRB, crying again.





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