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Welcome home, buddy!

We’ve been fostering the cutest little fur-fella for the past week. I’ll be honest, we actually had no intentions of becoming foster parents. At least, not yet. Maybe later down the road when we felt a bit more established. Well, that was the idea… so much for it!

All it took was one look into his eyes and we knew there was no way we were leaving without him. Words could never describe the stories his eyes held, tired and defeated yet twinkling with hope for a second chance. I have never seen a 7 month old puppy so shattered. There was no happy demeanor a dog of that age should have. I still don’t know what type of hell he was living in before he came to us, but his broken spirit gave me a hint. The bits of his past that we are aware of completely rip me apart so it’s best that I don’t find out more. Luckily, it had no effect on this sweet-natured boy’s loving disposition. All that matters to me is that this beautiful creature never has to live like that ever again. And he won’t. EVER AGAIN.

So, guys, something big happened in our little lives today. He officially became our baby boy! We’ve expanded the family by one more set of paws. Another wagging tail and wet nose. Double the sloppy kisses with half the bed space. Seriously, where are we going to sleep? (It doesn’t matter. He was so ecstatic to sleep in a bed for once that I could make my place in the tub, happily.)


Believe it or not, it was Pongo that made this decision so easy. He jumped right into big brother mode, with no hesitation on sharing his home or his toys. He brings him his bones. He licks his face. It’s the most beautiful and heart-rending thing I’ve ever seen. Pongo feels what Alex and I felt the day we saw him. He knows that this guy needs love and we have no doubts that Pongo’s happy-go-lucky spirit will be contagious. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but things are looking extremely bright. So without further ado, everybody meet Otto Osbourne “Ozzy” Cosmas!






My sweetest Otto, we already love you immensely. You are going to be one spoiled dog.




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