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Weekend getaway: North Carolina

Last weekend, I took a mini ladies-only vacation down to North Carolina with my mom and her best friend to escape our boring, routine lives for a few days. Man, oh man! What a great time.


I read up on lots of things to do near the area we were staying in, as I do before going on any trip. Who knew North Carolina had so many great sights to offer? Thanks so much for all the recommendations, everyone! Because our time there was so limited, we had to choose what we wanted to do the most. I’ve already got another full itinerary made for next time!

We honestly could have stayed at our house the entire time and been perfectly happy. I mean, c’mon! LOOK AT THIS PLACE! Still swooning a week later.

Our first day there, we decided to venture out to Linville, to visit a place called Grandfather Mountain. What a sight to be seen! Well, really not-to-be-seen, in our case. The fog was extremely heavy that day and I’m pretty sure we almost died a few times on our drive to and from the mountain. WORTH IT.

They have an attraction there called the Mile High Swinging Bridge that is the highest suspension footbridge in the US. Obviously, we had to see it! The keyword in the title “Mile High Swinging Bridge” should definitely be “SWINGING” because that sucker moves. It’s anchored into the mountain, so it’s not like one of the scenes you see in movies where people are running away from a dragon and the bridge is doing complete flips and seconds from collapsing, but I’m a fairly small woman with a bookbag full of camera equipment and the winds were heavy… I was pretty terrified. On the inside, though, because I have to make people think I’m brave!

So as soon as I got my stomach out of complete knots and fully convinced myself I did not have vertigo, we decided it was time to eat. We went to a place called Foggy Rock for lunch. Pretty suitable name choice. It was a few miles down the road, which apparently, in the country, actually means it will take about an hour to get to. So good, though! I wish we had one here. We can call it Sandy Rock. Two words: SRIRACHA AIOLI. Do I need to say more? I’ll include a photo of myself happily devouring my turkey cranberry with brie sandwich and call it a day.


The next day, we decided to go down to Asheville. And don’t even get me started on this city. I will pack my bags right now and head out. It’s the coolest little town. Super eclectic and inspiring. Friendly people. Good coffee. Better beers. Live music. Heaven– without the beach.  The only thing close to comparison would be Austin, except Asheville has spectacular foliage and no lines ANYWHERE besides this one breakfast joint every single person there piles in to. It’s the neatest, hippest little city smack dab in the middle of mountains. I am in love. Seriously. I’m currently planning another trip to convince my husband that this is our place.

OKAY, so first, look at this coffee shop!

Yep. Moving.

And what do you do right after drinking coffee? Get beers, of course!

Wicked Weed brewery is the best thing since sliced bread. I had to bring some back with me because I just can’t imagine life without them. Cough, cough, Alex, cough, let’s move, cough.


So, while walking around downtown, we came across a “before I die” wall. I’m super addicted to TEDtalks and remembered watching the story about the woman that created this idea. I won’t talk about it because clearly you all have a functioning computer, but I was stoked to see it in person and to see how many people actually took the time to stop and think about it. Very elevating.


Last, but not least, we went to the Thirsty Monk. What a neat bar. It’s a three story bar and each level serves different themed drinks. For example, the bottom level serves all Belgian style drinks. I don’t remember what the other two levels had…I had already had a couple drinks before going there, so cut me some slack. I remember that their Screaming Monk was the best IPA I have had in a long time.

We went to some other places that are worth mentioning, but I’m terrible with names and believe it or not, I DO actually set my camera down from time to time so I can just enjoy my environment. All that needs to be said is that Asheville is a great place. SO great. So so so great. I would have never guessed that a place I wanted to live in would be in NORTH CAROLINA. What is the world coming to? Not that NC is awful or anything. My entire family lives there. It will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s just that there’s a lot more that comes with the state other than the gorgeous scenery- backwards political and religious views to name a few. I have never felt so alienated amongst people than I do when I’m in town visiting my family members. It’s a lifestyle I’m just not accustomed to. However, Asheville is a breath of fresh air. A wholesome, liberal, artsy-fartsy breath of fresh air. Right in the mountains, overlooking a golden sunrise of a new generation.

Are you convinced yet, Alex?

Yeah, so the weekend was awesome. You should all check those places out. Blah blah blah. I’m gonna sign off here now and plan my escape.

Is it considered abduction if the victim is your husband? Just asking for a friend. Pls let me know. Thanks!








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