On photography

Zeal: a small photo series

Sometimes you come across people that truly inspire you. Their talents so immeasurable it almost feels contagious. Hearts swollen with passion. I love when I find those types of people. They really are all too few. When I met my friend Grace, instantly I realized she was one of the golden ones. One of those people that I could easily resent from my overwhelming admiration if she wasn’t so kind-hearted. When I met her, I was flushed with intimidation. I tell myself strangers are just friends you haven’t met and just like that, they are.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet her, you are surely missing out on a good one. She inspires me to see the world through picture-finding eyes. Photography has always been something that I dabbled with, but getting to see another person’s take on it really shows you how beautiful it can be. There is nothing that I love more than watching artists bring their creations to life.





2016-08-12 11.09.34



All photos above are from the sorcerer, herself. If you are searching for a wizard to freeze your magic moments into beautiful still shots, look no further!

For inquiries, contact Grace at gracerebekahphotos@gmail.com






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