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Wanderlust + A GIVEAWAY!

—-Edit: contest closed—-

As most of my friends and family know, traveling is one of the things that I enjoy most in this world. I long to see new places and have new experiences. Unfamiliar foods, sights and sounds have never intimidated me– they push me to dive head-first into a new culture. Exploration and experimentation are the two main sources of my creative energy. The fuel for my fire. I set a personal goal for myself some years back to travel to at least one new place each year. I haven’t let myself down since!

I am a super fortunate young lady that has already seen much of the world very few others my age have. I am a wanderer; I can’t sit still for too long. I love home, there’s no other place like it, but the entire world falls away the second I leave. Every once in a while, I just need an escape… even if only for a few hours. A huge part of my character and intellectual development should be rightfully due to my personal treks. I’ve learned so much about myself in so little time. I’ve become a more passionate, empathetic, open-minded person. I couldn’t be more grateful for the hand that I am playing with. I don’t need to fold. By some person’s definition of success, I am not quite there, but by my own, I’ve already got more than I could have dreamed.

Encouraging people to seek out each and every adventure they yearn for is kind of my thing. I want everyone to live the life that they want and I want to be able to do whatever I can to make that possible… even if only by cheering them on. I’m not a financially rich woman, or I would happily send people on luxury vacations every week, but with some help, I am going to be able to give away a free, one night stay  for two at a five star hotel in Virginia Beach. This could be a romantic trip for couples, a best friend, or even a special mother-daughter date– Whatever you want! Just, get out of the house for a night. It’s good for the soul.

To enter, all you need to do is comment on this post and include your email (it won’t publish it to anyone other than me as long as you write it in the email section and not the comment section, don’t worry) and tell me who you want to get away with. You can comment one word, or tell me a special story. I will draw the names and the winner will be notified via email by Friday, August 19th. Good luck!

Certain exclusions DO apply: for example- you must be in the Hampton Roads area (or willing to come). This is only for two. The voucher DOES expire.





25 thoughts on “Wanderlust + A GIVEAWAY!

  1. Me and my husbands 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up and since we are in the process of buying a house we can’t afford to do anything special. This would be amazing 😭


  2. This would be awesome! With mine and Sam’s opposing schedules, we never have an entire day off together unless we actually take vacation time from work.


  3. This is awesome, Ash!!! A nice romantic night away sounds amazing, Summer is a handful hahah Chris and I could benefit from this for sure!


  4. This is adorable! Me and my fiancé when he can find the time to get home! We’ve only seen each other once in 4 months because he’s been stuck at bootcamp.


  5. This is so awesome! My love and I could totally use a toddler free night to just focus on each other and our beautiful surroundings! Haven’t had a night away just the 2 of us in the EIGHT years we’ve been together!!


  6. I would love this for me and my husband our first wedding anniversary is coming up but we arnt getting to do anything because we have two children and can’t really afford it. This would be awesome because we didn’t even get to go on a honey moon when we got married.


  7. I would definitely have to choose Drew. Time on our own is always so euphoric and we rarely get to do that with us being separated by school. We have however been trying to use the time we have to get out of town and explore, and I would highly encourage that to anyone.


  8. Well my husband and I don’t take any breaks since we got married we always do everything with the kids plus I’m trying to save my marriage as u know he was at Japan for almost 2 1/2 years be ause his work (USA NAVY) and it was really hard for us now we are trying to put our live back together and a gateway will be a great opportunity for us


  9. Me and Aric! He is deployed and when he comes back we would love a night on together without the kiddo after a long 6 months 🤗


  10. My mom and I! It stinks that I barely ever have time to hangout with her considering her jobs and my two in Richmond it’d be cool to have a mother daughter date with her before I go back.


  11. This is awesome! As I was reading your blog,Taylor kicked me in my eye. So I decided to share that in the comment. Anywho! Boo and I would love this! Esp Boo (he deserves it more than me.)


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