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Hello, September!

I wanted to address something first and foremost: HEY, NEW FOLLOWERS! Welcome to the madness. You are much appreciated. I feel extremely honored that so many have chosen to keep up with this small glimpse into my life.

For those that keep asking about the giveaway drawing, yes. The winner was notified and has since received the prize. I assigned each person that commented a number and had a random number generated via some wonderful website I found through Google. This was completely unbiased. Don’t fret though, I plan on doing more giveaways in the future. Stay with me, guys. Just like anything good, we need to take this slow… AKA I’m poor, okay?

My account has totally shifted in a new direction as of late. I have added a recipe section to my blog, trying to spice things up a bit. Get it? Spice! Still as corny as ever. Get it? Corny! Okay, Ashley, that’s enough. (Side note: if you’re following along with the recipes, please note that each one typically includes an extra tsp of dog hair. I own a dalmatian.) I’ve realized that my boring little life typically only climaxes throughout food, travel, and photography. School has recently started back up for me, so I am mostly stuck inside of the house, drowning in papers on my days off. Thus resulting in less frequent travel and photography happening on my end, but food- well, we’re still eating. Nothing can stop that! So, for now, you’ll see a spike in the recipe section, but for those that didn’t come here for the food, I promise I’ll blow the dust off the ol’ Nikon.

We have officially booked our Costa Rica vacation for March 2017! This has always been a top 5 on my destination bucket list. You can be expecting TONS of pictures and/or rants from that. This will be our first time traveling to CR, so if you have any recommendations of things to do or see or eat while we’re there, please share in the comments! We will be in the Guanacaste region, but we plan on traveling around while we’re there.

My first ever anniversary is coming up next month- SAY WHAT! We are very much looking forward to it. Also, it’s October…what’s better than that? Answer: Nothing. Yams are about to make an appearance in this kitchen and I. can’t. wait. Back to our marriage- because we’re going on a big vacation in March, I tricked my husband into thinking that we won’t be doing anything exciting for our anniversary, only to surprise the hell out of him the other day with tickets to see our favorite comedian. STOKED!

Some days back, we went out to DC to see Black Sabbath play one of their last shows EVER. Can I just say, they’ve still got it! If anyone was lucky enough to see one of their shows for The End Tour, let’s, together, take a moment of silence to thank the music gods for that drum solo. I still can’t believe it. The day started with a downpour that I could have sworn was going to follow with a hurricane, but just an hour before the show began, the rain clouds cleared and we were on our way to see the greatest metal band of all time perform. My heart still jumps out of my chest at the thought. What a fun concert! What a story to tell my future kids!

Anyway, thanks so much for all the support lately and the flood of encouragement and sweet words. I am only here to please. Kidding, but really, thanks so much, guys. I hope this month is everything you all dream it to be. Stay tuned for some more randomness and WAY TOO MANY recipes from this homebody.






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