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Happiness is a warm sun


Last week Alex and I went on a little road trip together. We really set out to do a bit of shopping, but ended up driving for a few hours, getting caught up in good conversation and endless laughter. Diamond days- my favorite. While we were driving through the countryside of Williamsburg, I spotted the most miraculous patch of wildflowers from the highway. I told Alex that those kind of things drive me crazyI want to build a sign that tells people to pull over and feast their eyes on the most amazing piece of land for miles. There they were, rusticated, utterly wild and going unseen for the majority of busy bees flying up and down the road.

It casts light on just how many beautiful things we miss each day when we’re not paying attention. I’ve found that for myself, my emotions can be blinding. I tend to overlook all of the loveliness when I’m not in a good mood. It’s unfortunate, really. I worry about all the charm I’ve missed out on throughout the years. I try my absolute hardest not to do that these days. I’ve rushed through so many moments, taking more than I want to admit for granted. I don’t want to be that person anymore. My life may not be perfect, but ah, how perfect it is!

The world may not always be beautiful, but you can rest assured it will always remain beautiful. The contradictions melt away the second your diamond days crystallize. Your time is coming, too. Hang in there.



















These pictures were taken at the botanical gardens in Norfolk, this morning. It’s one of my most favorite places, for obvious reasons. I have to go there alone because I tend to get lost, wandering around for hours on end. Actually, I don’t mind going with others, it’s just that they probably wouldn’t like going with the girl that can’t stop taking pictures of every. little. thing.

Okay, but wait! Do they not have their benches in the BEST locations ever, or what?



I’ve got to soak it all in while I can. Fall is only a few days away and this 70° weather, though AMAZING, is making me question if I really got to appreciate the warmth of the sun these past few months.

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

Farewell, Summer. You’ve been beautiful!

The feels, of course!




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