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Hello, October! It’s officially my favorite month of the year.

My happiness cannot be contained. Obnoxious amounts of pumpkin recipes cannot be stopped. (You were warned.) Tacky decorations and Halloween cookies cannot go unbought.


There are a multitude of reasons for why October is so special to me. For one, this is the month Xander and Ley said those silly little “I dos” proving to the world that this madness is going to continue for longer than anyone will be able to stand. (Probably hit that point after year one!) And what kind of monstrous freak do you have to be to not LOVE the transitioning weather that is summer into fall? LET’S TALK ABOUT THE FOLIAGE FOR A SECOND, PLEASE– In my opinion, tree leaves are never more beautiful than they are for that short period of time where their true colors shine through. Each year, as that green pigment in plants [chlorophyll (more like bore-ophyll)] begins to break down, these special colors are revealed. It’s kind of like all of a sudden, we’ve gained these magic glasses that allow us to see this kaleidoscope world beneath the greens– one that’s been there the ENTIRE summer just waiting for their time to shine. I love every single stage of their miraculous decay. If you haven’t noticed, I could go on and on about foliage, but there’s just too many wonderful things to have to sum up why I love October in one single little blog post. Fall vegetables are the bees knees, the crisp air is the kind of weather I think I was born to endure, the sunrises aren’t until 7am, ensuring I can’t miss a single one, coffee tastes better (okay, maybe that’s not true, but think about it for a second…. Viola! Coffee is indeed more satisfying this time of year), fires are much more enjoyable, people are slightly more pleasant due to upcoming holidays, HALLOWEEN, CANDY, apple cider, pumpkin carvings, pumpkin eatings, C’MON… what the heck is better than this? I vote for two Octobers per year! Who’s with me?

So besides the fact that my little heart is bursting at the seams with excitement, not too much has changed since my last Life Lately post. I have decided to cut back on the recipes, as you may have noticed. I get too eager with new projects and tend to overdo them, so from here on out, I’m going to limit them to once per week at most. Plus, I’m bound to run out of ideas if I don’t slow the heck down.

School is still in full effect and life is still out of control over here, but I am extremely glad to admit that I have set aside more time for getting out and taking pictures throughout this past month. Having that personal time alone to reflect on my life helps my sanity tremendously.

EXACTLY ONE WEEK UNTIL WE SEE HANNIBAL BURESS!!! We also just found out that our favorite bar/restaurant EVER will be closing this month and their last day is our anniversary so I have a feeling we’ll be over there, shedding tears all night.

I will officially be hosting my first ever Friendsgiving this year, after many years of plans falling through. It’s basically your traditional Thanksgiving, minus the family drama and with many more selfies, I’m sure. Absolutely stoked, but also extremely nervous for some reason. I have no idea how to roast a turkey, but I feel it’s kind of expected of me. Is it weird to have a vegetarian main dish instead? Is that selfish of me? Anxiety is a real bitch sometimes, ya know? Why am I even worrying about any of this? What’s extra special about this dinner is that NONE of us gals are bringing along our dudes. GIRL’S NIGHT! It’s funny though because this is how I mentioned that to Alex:

Me: Sooooo, I’m going to be hosting a friendsgiving this November! Everything is set in stone.

Al: Oh, sweet. This is going to be fun!

Me: Yeah, but…..we all decided we’d rather have this with just us girls…. BUT I WILL WITHOUT A DOUBT SAVE YOU A PLATE!!!

Wish I captured the look on his face. Worst wife ever. Ha!

Something you may or may not know about my husband is that he is a professional thrifter. Seriously, this guy’s eye for treasure is obviously much more efficient than my own. I always end up migrating to the clothes or books, but he doesn’t miss a single thing in the entire store. His most recent find was an old 35mm film camera which, to me, looked absolutely done for, but he worked his magic and now he officially has a new obsession. One that makes me so ridiculously happy because photography is such a fun hobby to have. Almost soothing, if you do it right. Alex is one of the most passionate humans I’ve ever known. He’s constantly finding new things to explore and conquer. He becomes completely indulged, obsessing over learning every little bit of knowledge there is to be known about whatever current leisure pursuit. He is the jack of all trades, and I am that with the added ‘and master of none’. I’ll make sure to share some of his work later on, once he completely masters this new camera AKA next week.

beachdaze-1-of-24beachdaze-4-of-24beachdazee (3 of 5).jpgbeachdaze-8-of-24beachdaze-14-of-24beachdaze (7 of 24).jpgbeachdaze-5-of-24beachdaze-10-of-24

I love to collect shells. Like fingerprints, I never have found two that were exactly alike. I’ve probably got at least 30 whelks all throughout this house I’ve snatched up while walking along this beach. Besides those obvious gorgeous shells though, I’ve found the ugly ones to be the most appealing.

I chose to end this post with a picture of one I found yesterday. This is the remains of a scallop shell, one of the most eye-candied shells out there, if ya ask me. Except, this one has been beaten and shaped by its own life and struggle to survive. The barnacles clinging to its back, shattered and uneven. It’s untidy, spreading out in all these different directions, heavily encrusted with accumulations. In its living state, it would have been found firmly attached to it’s support or swimming (yeah, they swim) around the sea floor to find a new support. Now maybe none of this blabbering is making any sense to you, but for me, this shell tells stories. It suggests the struggle of life itself. This scallop fought to have a place on a rock, to which it has fitted itself perfectly and to which it clung tenaciously. It teaches me about the battle that we each have to find our place in this world and the imperfections that come along with the journey. It shows the inevitable end, a life to which we can no longer hold on to. It’s humble, awkward, and dull, but think of its tireless adaptability. Though once very beautiful, the time may come when, as comfortable and adaptable as it is, one has to leave their shell behind.

Maybe that still makes no sense to you, but whatever. These thoughts work for me.






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