On photography

Becca’s senior portraits

Can you guys believe it? Another person trusted ME with their senior shots! I mean, really, what’s wrong with y’all? These things are important! I’m back at it again, except this time my model wanted to do something entirely off the beaten path. Becca had the idea to make her senior pictures edgy, unique and utterly wild- exactly like her personality!

I remember the first time I had ever talked to her. I told her, “Ya know, you’re my best friend’s little sister’s best friend’s little sister and I’m pretty sure that makes us family!” I’m proud to stand by those confusing words, beans. Congratulations on making it out of the best (and worst) years of your life and welcome to the freaking rat race. I’m excited to watch you change the world. I know you’ll do great things and have fun while you’re doing them. You are an absolute ray of sunshine and I’m honored to have been able to capture the tiniest ounce of that. Love you forever.

beccasrpics1 (1 of 9).jpgbeccasrpics3-1-of-2beccasrpics3-4-of-9beccasrpics4-17-of-17beccasrpics5-2-of-87beccasrpics5-14-of-87beccasrpics5-8-of-87beccasrpics5-23-of-87beccasrpics5-36-of-87beccasrpics5-74-of-87beccasrpics5-87-of-87beccasrpics6-2-of-21beccasrpics6-7-of-21beccasrpics7-6-of-38beccasrpics7-12-of-38beccasrpics7-35-of-38

Peace out, class of 2017!


MAN, oh man! These sure make me regret those stupid photos I had done at that store in the mall back when I graduated high school. Dammit.

Thanks again, RF.




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