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Sunsets and soul mates

10Do you ever look at the people in your life and wonder what you did to deserve them? What quirky little quality could you possibly have that attracts such golden individuals to you and WHAT THE HECK KEEPS THEM STICKING AROUND?

The life that I have lived doesn’t warrant the kind of blessings I have been given. If there is one thing that life has taught me thus far, it’s that nothing is certain. You never know how much time you’ll get with anyone or anything. There’s no way of guessing how long you’ll be in a particular circumstance or exactly when and how your situation may change. The entire universe is one gigantic unknown and all we can do is hold onto the precious moments we’ve got before us.

Enjoy the time you’ve been granted. Surround yourself with the things and the people that bring you happiness. Embrace change even when it’s messy, if only for the knowledge that it is helping you grow. Remain humble and appreciative. Find someone that you can chase sunsets with and get lost in the depth of good conversation.

One topic I find myself frequently talking about with my friends is the idea of soul mates and what qualifies someone to be labeled as such. Many people get caught up with the thought that your soul mate has to be your lover. And though it may be the literal definition, I’ve never agreed with that sentiment. For myself, my soul could be shattered into tiny pieces and stretched thin across miles and miles of this world. I stumble upon bits of me every day- through endless variations of activities and humans combined. Why do we need to sell ourselves short? If your soul could only entwine with ONE SINGLE OTHER THING, what chance would you have at finding it?

Screw that way of thinking. My soul resides within the hearts of every single person that I love. It can be felt each time you wish upon a shooting star on a clear night. When you listen to a thunderstorm through the comfort of your home. When waves hit your feet in the winter time. When you walk through the hallway of a hospital alone in the middle of the night- those awful white walls and that smell of disinfectant penetrating your senses- and you wonder if everything is going to be okay. It’s the fluidity of fingers dancing across the keys of a piano. It’s the sea mist that sprays your face on a hot summer day. It’s those kind of deep, genuine laughs that hurt so good. It’s when you see snow capped mountains over a valley and they glisten against the moon’s light like a diamond. It’s when you walk into an abandoned house with intentions of solely taking pictures, only to be suffocated with the image of the lives that once lived and played within it. The entirety of my soul could not be contained within just Alexander and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I venture through my life, coming across all different forms of things that either reflect parts of myself that I love, or that better the parts of myself that I don’t and just as things usually go in full-circle, I always end up back at the beginning wondering why the hell I got so lucky.

Chelsie and Olivia, my friends, my sisters, the biggest part of my goddamned soul, I love you both more than words.


Cheers to a decade of surviving and thriving!





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