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License to chill

After way too many hours of being held captive in our homes thanks to the Snow Miser, the roads have been cleared and in my book, that calls for a celebration and ending this cabin fever the right way: babes, brews and brrrrr!

14111.jpg3.jpg3412.jpg1316.jpg3223.jpgI have had the same group of friends for YEARS. Most of my friendships are at least a decade strong and it blows my mind that neither time nor distance has ever changed that. Every person is constantly evolving, but I’ve found that people make the most dramatic transformations during high school and college years. To be able to grow up together is truly a blessing. We have each blossomed into completely different people than the ones we originally met and yet, somehow, with those newfound characters and personalities all around, the love has never faded.

I understand and accept the fact that people change over time and that some people who come into your life, whether they make a huge impact or not, aren’t going to be there in the long-run. And that’s okay, too!!! Sometimes characters only stick around for a chapter of your story before your paths are no longer visible; other times, people might be abruptly ripped out of your novel before you could reach a closing point, but you have to realize that each and every relationship in your life has shaped you into the person that you are today. I strongly believe that everyone who has come into my life has served a purpose. Some are here to teach me lessons, some to remind me to be open-minded and empathetic, and some were put here to keep me wild and crazy and forever immature. I’ll let you in on a little secret- those ones are my favorite. Here’s to all of the soggy boots, the trips to the popcorn machine and the weird glares we get every time we bust out this camera. May the wind never blow out our fires.


Okay, can we all take a minute to observe this group shot though? We stopped a man and asked if we could bother him for a quick photo and he obviously wasn’t feeling it. In his defense, it was cold as heck out and he had been shoveling snow around the marina and here comes a group of giggling, drunken women stopping him as he was trying to get away.  We had one chance to all get ourselves together before he ran off and this is what we were left with. I didn’t even have the courage to ask for another attempt. Oh, well. We tried! This picture actually cracks me up. I’ll probably frame it. Thanks, stranger!

I just really need to share this video for today’s addition of feels because this show is funny and reminds me of my crew SO much. This is literally us. Can this be our theme song, ladies? Seriously, we can sing this while we bar-crawl. It’ll draw no less attention than we already do with our obnoxious laughter and inappropriate behavior and/or photo shoots.

Cheers to being the carefree children that we are every time we get together. This is the best chapter I’ve ever written.




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